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Judy Goldman is the author of two memoirs, two novels, and two books of poetry.  Her new memoir, Together: Memoir of a Marriage and a Medical Mishap, will be published by Nan A. Talese/Doubleday in early 2019. Her first memoir, Losing My Sister, was a finalist for both SIBA’s Memoir of the Year and ForeWord Review’s Memoir of the Year. Her first novel, The Slow Way Back, was a finalist for SIBA’s Novel of the Year, winner of the Sir Walter Raleigh Fiction Award and the Mary Ruffin Poole Award for First Fiction. Her second book of poetry, Wanting To Know the End, won the Gerald Cable Poetry Prize, as well as the top three prizes for a book of poetry by a North Carolinian. Her work has appeared in The Southern Review, Kenyon Review, Gettysburg Review, Ohio Review, Prairie Schooner, Shenandoah, Crazyhorse, and Real Simple magazine, her book reviews in The Washington Post and The Charlotte Observer, her commentaries on public radio in Chapel Hill and Charlotte. She received the Hobson Award for Distinguished Achievement in Arts and Letters, the Fortner Writer and Community Award for “outstanding generosity to other writers and the larger community,” and the Beverly D. Clark Author Award from Queens University.  www.judygoldman.comhttp://www.judygoldman.comshapeimage_5_link_0
Using Whatever is Tugging at Your Life
with Judy Goldman

“If something is tugging at your life, you use it,” choreographer Judith Jamison said. In this workshop (geared to both beginning and advanced writers – geared to new participants, as well as those who’ve been in my workshop before), you’ll learn how to craft your personal essays or memoir into something of value for others. We’ll discuss coming up with that seductive beginning sentence or paragraph, finding your way into your voice, learning the difference between scene and summary, using dialogue, turning the people in your life into characters readers care about. 

I’ll encourage you to have a naive faith in yourself, a sense of optimism about your work so that you can keep going even when you know you’re about to step off the edge of the world. We’ll discuss establishing a writing schedule that works for you and making time to write. I’ll address truth vs. betrayal – how much to reveal about people close to you. I’ll give publishing tips. Class will include exercises to help you discover your most engaging material. 

Bring 12 copies to Wildacres of an excerpt you’d like help with (absolutely no more than 2 double-spaced pages) for group discussion and critique. Mail those same 2 double-spaced pages to me at 477 Fenton Pl., Charlotte, NC 28207 – by AUGUST 1. Do NOT email them to me. I’ll return these 2 pages to you – with my detailed written comments – at the workshop.  If you’re just beginning and have no pages to send, that’s fine; you’ll still feel a part of this workshop. Questions? Email me at: judygoldman@earthlink.net