2018 Faculty
with Darnell Arnoult

No matter where you are in your novel (or other full-length non-fiction narrative), something is probably worrying you about how it is or isn't coming together or about how effective your process could be if you could just get a little insight from an experienced mentor.  It might be a renegade character causing you problems, or a question of organization and architecture, or you might have doubts as to just whose story it is after all. There might be too many characters or too many flashbacks or not enough points of view to get the story told properly. In this workshop, each person will share some of his or her work and concerns with the group so we can more clearly identify issues and search for solutions using tried and true tools every writer should have in their toolbox.  The bonus: By looking at others’ struggles we often can master our own. 

Send a 1-2 page synopsis of your novel (doesn't have to be polished) and what you think might be the first two pages of the book (double-spaced, 12 font). This writing sample will help me help you. Must receive by August 1. Send to Darnell Arnoult, LMU, 6965 Cumberland Gap Parkway, Box 1643, Harrogate, TN 37752.

Darnell Arnoult is the writer-in- residence at Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate, TN, where she co-directs The Mountain Heritage Literary Festival, the Appalachian Young Writers Workshop, and the Arts in the Gap summer writing workshops. She is also senior editor of the literary magazine, drafthorse.  She is prize-winning author of What Travels With Us: Poems and Galaxie Wagon: Poems (LSU Press) and the novel Sufficient Grace (Simon & Schuster). Her shorter works have appeared in a variety of journals, including Appalachian Heritage, Asheville Poetry Review, Nantahala Review, Now and Then, Sandhills Review, Southern Cultures, Southern Exposure, and Southwest Review.

Darnell holds an MFA from University of Memphis and an MA from NC State, and is a regular faculty member of the Table Rock Writers Workshop and John C. Campbell Folk School and her own LitOut workshop series.

She was the recipient of the Weatherford Award for Appalachian Literature, SIBA Poetry Book of the Year, Mary Frances Hobson Medal for Arts and Letters, and in 2007 was named Tennessee Writer of the Year by the Tennessee Writers Alliance.


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Darnell and her daughter Beth.